He Made Me Buy a $200 USB Screwdriver! – in Shenzhen, China

He Made Me Buy a $200 USB Screwdriver! – in Shenzhen, China

Today, I'm gonna be trying out this $200 screwdriver and trying to figure out what makes it so darn expensive But first, I gotta go meet the guy that made me buy it

I'm on my way to go meet Xuan from the tool brothers, which is my favorite cell phone repairs tool booth in the markets When he heard that I was headed to the US, this summer, he sent me a message on WeChat and he said, "Scotty! Can you get me this, the screwdriver It costs $200 but I really want it and I can't get it anywhere in China Can you bring it back for me?" And I reluctantly said yes but on one condition

Scotty: How are you? Xuan: Good! Scotty: Good? Xuan: Good! Scotty: I'm filming Xuan: Okay! So, I told you I would buy you a screwdriver Scotty: an expensive screwdriver Xuan: Yeah! But I said only if we could make a video Because I don't know, if I think this screwdriver should be $200

I think maybe you're a little crazy Xuan: This screwdriver is best Very best Scotty: You think it's the best one Xuan: Yes! Scotty: Alrigh, so, we're gonna find out

Here is the PenDriver ESD Xuan: Whoa! How do you know about this? Where did you learn about this? Before my customer need this screwdriver Ah, so he tries to buy this from you Xuan: Yeah! Ah! But you don't, you can't get it Xuan: Yeah I can't

Scotty: Cannot in China? Xuan: No have China Scotty: So you want to look at this, Xuan: Yes Scotty: to see the design Xuan: Yeah! Scotty: Let's open it up I'm really excited now because I can't imagine how a screwdriver could possibly cost $200

But once you sent it to me I was like, "We have to try this out" Whoa! The smartest screwdriver ever I'm skeptical already Xuan: Whoa! Whoa! Scotty: Whoa! Scotty: It looks like a pen, okay! And then it's got USB So, we plug it in somewhere? Where do we put this in? Okay! Great! Hang on

Yeah We need something to screw and unscrew Scotty: Broken iPhone 6, I think Xuan: Yeah! He knows better than I do Scotty: Is it doing something? Xuan: No

Xuan: Oh yeah, doing, doing, doing Scotty: What's it doing? Show me Oh! There we go Scotty: Oh! That's cool! Xuan: Yeah! Scotty: Okay! Now put it back Scotty: What? Xuan: Very good

Scotty: How does it work? Okay! I want to try it now This is magic, I got to try this out Okay, wait Xuan: Put No! Scotty: No? Xuan: Yeah, same like that Scotty: You push Scotty: No Oh, yeah! Xuan: Yeah! Yeah! Xuan: Very good! Scotty: How does that work? No, I'm not doing it right

Scotty: Oh! There it is Okay, it's a little confused Sometimes it goes the right way Xuan: Yeah! Buttonless operation That is pretty crazy

Pretty crazy Xuan: Maybe put here Scotty: Yeah Xuan: Open! Put here Scotty: Yeah

Scotty: Oh, maybe I don't think that's it I think

Buttonless operation That is pretty crazy Xuan: Pretty crazy

Drive direction is based on linear force applied If you put a little bit of force, then it tightens it and if you put a lot of force, it loosens it Okay! I think I figured this out Okay, you know Do you know the trick? Xuan: I don't know Scott: Okay! Scotty: You push hard, it goes up Xuan: Mm-hmm Xuan: Yeah! Scotty: You push a little, it goes down

Xuan: Really? Scotty: Yeah Xuan: Oh! Really, really Scotty: Got it? Yeah Scotty: Yeah Okay, try it now

Xuan: Yeah Very good! Scotty: Okay! That's pretty cool Xuan: No lie Scotty: That is pretty cool, I will not lie Scotty: That is pretty awesome

Xuan: Yeah Scotty: Did you? Ah! Okay Xuan: Oh! Scotty: Okay So, push a lot Come out

Push a little Go back in and then push a lot and then it stops Xuan: Oh, yeah! So, what do you think? We've tried this for few minutes now Xuan: This same like a pen This screwdriver same like a pen

Scotty: Yeah! It's like a pen Xuan: And Scotty: Yeah

Xuan: Yes and Xuan: What is name? Scotty: Like the bit

Screwdriver bit Xuan: Screwdriver bit? Scotty: Bit, Yeah! Xuan: Because this screwdriver is bit is best

Scotty: You think its a really good bit Oh! Xuan: Yes, it's a very good bit Scotty: Okay So, I got more bits I know you asked me about the bits and I didn't know why

Xuan: Oh! Scotty: Oh, okay There we go So, why are these bits good? Xuan: Because just this This is how lot of our conversations go His Your English is getting really good Xuan: Yes, just a little Scotty: You study everyday? No one week go school three times, four times

Scotty: That's a lot Xuan: Yeah! That's a lot Before work, right? Xuan: Yes Scotty Yeah, yeah

And my Chinese, I don't study enough I Xuan: Really hard

Yes The bits are very hard The metal is very hard Yeah Xuan: Yes

Scotty: Okay Xuan: So China no have Because I think

a little hard Scotty: Oh! This a little hard Scotty: Yeah

Xuan: Very hard Scotty: Yeah, the metal is very hard Xuan: Yes So you want to make bits like this, that are very hard Xuan: Yeah, yeah

Scotty: This is pretty cool So, what do I think? It feels really nice It's hard to understand, how to use it initially even with reading the instructions but I think, once we figured it out, Xuan: Mm-hmm Scotty: it's not bad My only concern is we keep like doing things, that look like they're gonna strip out ahead here

They don't always get it right That's bad Xuan: Yes! Scotty: That's very bad, Xuan: Yeah, it's bad Scotty: Yeah So, that worries me and that's the thing that might make me hesitant to get this I guess if I was like taking apart phones all day long and putting them back together, maybe I would spend $200 on getting a really nice screwdriver

Well, I'm gonna give this to you as a gift Xuan: So you no need working? Scott: No Xuan: Why? Scotty: I have Already have You gave me like, ten screwdrivers I have too many screwdrivers already and you want

You need it for research Xuan: Research? Scotty: Yeah Yeah

Thank you for coming and opening it up on camera Letting us look at it together I think, it's a cool thing It's a weird thing A strange thing, a strange tool

Xuan: Mm-hmm Actually, before you go, I want to ask you a few questions Xuan: Mm-hmm I forgot about this I asked my fans on Twitter, I told them that I was going to do a video

Why did you open a tool shop? Xuan: Why? Scotty: Why? Xuan: Why did you open Scotty: Why you have a shop? I Before, I working for my boss, Scotty: Yeah! Scotty: At the restaurant Xuan: In the restaurant five years Scotty: Yeah! Xuan: So, I want go business man

So, open the shop Scotty: Yeah! Because you want to make more money Xuan: Yeah! Scotty: Yeah No need, go No need to go in waiter Scotty: Yeah! No, no need waiter, this job No need a waiter this job Scotty: No, no need

Yeah You don't need to go to the job, work for the boss Xuan: Yeah

Scotty: You want to work for yourself Xuan: Yes Scotty: Be your own man It's something I've noticed here and you guys are maybe the best example, is that, if you want to work for yourself, Shenzhen is one of the best places in the world There's so much opportunity to start your own business, I mean you guys work so hard

You work seven days per week? Xuan: One week? Scotty: In one week Seven days Xuan: Seven days Every day What day you

What time do you start? You start at twelve? Eleven, twelve? Xuan: Twelve Scotty: Start at twelve And I just went to meet you and it was Ten at night

Xuan: Ten O'clock So, 10 hours, every day? Xuan: Mm-hmm Xuan: Yeah, everyday Scotty: Seven days per week Xuan: Every day

Yeah! Scotty: You work very hard Xuan: Yeah Scotty: Very, very hard But, because you work hard, you now have a successful business You work for yourself, you own your business, you have a separate office

Scotty: You have employees Yeah, it's pretty cool, it's pretty cool not every I don't think every place you can go from being a waiter

Xuan: Being a waiter? Scotty: You go from a waiter to businessman That's pretty cool Yeah Xuan: I only study, go school Years Scotty: Eight years I only go school Scotty: Yeah Years Eight years Yeah

Scotty: Eight Yeah Scotty: Eight years Xuan: Yeah This is eight in Chinese

Xuan: Yeah! Scotty: Seven Xuan: Seven Scotty: Eight Yeah Xuan: Yeah

Scotty: Six Yeah Xuan: Six Yeah So, you only went to school for eight years so like, through junior high school at least in the U

S through like, eighth grade Xuan: Mm-hmm Yeah 7th or 8th grade And your brother is same? Xuan: My brother's, nine years

Scotty: Nine years, okay! So yeah, but now you guys have a business and a successful business Xuan: Yeah! Business You trade with people all over the world You have customers in India, customers in China Xuan: Customers

Scotty: All over Xuan: Yeah! Yeah! Have all All the countries we have

Scotty: Yeah That's pretty cool That's pretty awesome That about does it, for this time Thank you! If you guys enjoyed this video, let me know or if you didn't like it, let me know

This is kind of a new thing to have a guest over and check out some new tools and stuff If you enjoyed this video, hit that subscribe button down below I'm Scotty from Strange Parts, stay tuned for more adventures I'll see you guys again soon

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