We know it’s devastating losing your Data!

If you lost your DATA on your Apple or Samsung device, you are in the right place!

The only way to recover DATA on an Apple & Samsung products is to actually repair the device

We have recovered hundreds of phones, tablets and computers and have been able to retrieve the data which was thought to be lost!

We offer the best service out there! NO FIX NO FEE! if for any reason we couldn’t get your data you will not be charge any labor fee.

Steps to mail-in

Fill out a form below where it says “START MY QUOTE” and tell us a little about your device, and what happened to it. Please try and provide as much detail as possible i.e whether it was on a charger, fell, water damaged etc.

  • Mail Device in

Before mailing in your device please check your email for detailed instructions regarding how to send in the device. Once we have received the device we will then email you with confirmation stating the device has arrived.

  • Last step: waiting for recovery

This is the last step to this process. We will be working on your device and this could take up to two weeks at most. Once completed, we will provide you with an email with your invoice and tracking number and we will provide you with more information about your device .

Start my quote
  • Recovers Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Voice Memos etc.

  • Can recover specific data from iTunes & iCloud backup files