Cell Phone Repair Tips Some people have little trouble with their cell phones Other people are accident prone and seem to fry their phones at the least little thing

If you are the latter type of person, learning basic cell phone repairs could go a long way towards saving you money and making sure you always have a functioning phone Here are some tips to help 1 General Tips Dealing with a Frozen Screen Take the battery out, wait at least 10 seconds, and re-insert Touch Screen Does Not Work Clean it with water and alcohol

Avoid harsh chemicals like detergents 2 Android Phones If you own an Android phone, there are several main areas that require maintenance or repair: * Battery * Motherboard * Screen * SIM card Note: drain your battery before trying to make any change or repairs, and turn off the phone Lithium batteries can explode if punctured Battery The battery is the life of the phone

Taking care of it and not leaving the phone charging overnight are just a couple of ways to ensure a longer life for your battery You may have to pull the battery out to reset the phone Pay careful attention to the way the nodes align Don�t try to force anything, or you could seriously damage your phone Motherboard The motherboard controls all of the main functions of the phone

You should not try to repair it yourself unless you know what you are doing But you can replace it and tell the phone to go back to its factory settings You should back up all your data regularly so you don�t lose anything Screen Screens crack for various reasons, and can eventually cause the phone to stop working Learning how to replace your broken screen could save you a lot of time and money

SIM Card The SIM card stores your contacts and other data Be sure you know where the slot is and how to insert the card correctly Go into your carrier�s nearest store and request a backup copy If you ever lose your phone, you have the backup SIM card, so all will not be lost 3

iOS Phones iOS phone repair is similar to that of Android in several ways: * Battery * Screen/display * SIM card However, there are a few additional elements it is important to become familiar with: * Lower speaker * Pentalobe screws * Taptic engine Earpiece Speaker and Front Sensor Assembly This assembly includes the earpiece speaker, microphone, ambient light sensor, flood illuminator, and proximity sensor You can transfer these sensors from one phone to another, but note that if you want to use Face ID to unlock your phone, transferring these items could cause it to stop working Lower Speaker The earpiece speaker and lower speaker are supposed to give you stereo sound Replacing the lower speaker can help fix problems such as loss of sound, poor sound quality, and distorted sound Pentalobe Screws These are the only two screws on the outside of the unit

You will need a special screwdriver to open them so you can make your repairs Taptic Engine The taptic engine vibrates the phone when you put it in that mode You will need various tools to do this and must also be careful not to disconnect any of the display cables attached to it To learn more about how to repair your specific phone in a range of way, visit: https://wwwifixit

com/Device/Phone You will find guides for each phone, plus frequently asked questions and some visual tutorials Cell Phone Theft Protection Tips There are a number of ways to try to protect your phone from theft, some more effective than others Take care of your valuable phone, and it will take care of you Here are some suggestions

1 Use Common Sense Don�t leave your phone in a public place Don�t make a show of using it on beaches If you are going to take it down to the water, get a waterproof case and a wrist strap A wrist strap is also a good idea on public transportation, where "hit and run" thieves can grab a phone and then dash out the door

It has the added bonus of ensuring that if you lose your grip on your phone, you won�t drop it and break it 2 Know Your IMEI Number This is not a perfect answer to mobile phone theft, but it can help recover it if you act very quickly before a professional thief has the chance to change the number IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity You can find it on your phone by typing "* # 0 6 #"

You will receive a 15-digit number that is unique to your phone and is recorded by mobile companies every time the phone is used Write down your IMEI number and report it to the police if your phone is stolen They can then track the phone to try to get it back The trouble is that the IMEI number is stored on rewriteable flash memory, which means it can be wiped and re-keyed Therefore, don�t lose any time before going to the police

3 Lock Your Screen It can be a pain to unlock all the time, but you want to make it as tough for thieves as possible 4 Use a "Find My Phone App" On an Android phone, go to the Android Device Manager in Google Settings, which looks like a G with a gear symbol next to it To track a missing phone, use your desktop or laptop computer to access Android Device Manager in the browser's address bar

On an iPhone, download and install Find My iPhone from the iTunes App Store Sign in with your iTunes account To track down your phone, use a computer to access Find My iPhone On a Windows phone, locate the Find My Phone app in the main settings menu Use a computer to go to Microsoft's account sign-in screen to find the phone

The obvious downside is that you need to have access to a computer quickly to try to find and recover your phone However, chances are that if it is locked, the thieves might rapidly dump the phone not far from where it was stolen and you may not even have to get the police involved 5 Put Your Name on It This is very low-tech, but if your phone is lost or has been stolen but abandoned, your email address taped to the back of the phone could be one way of retrieving it Use paper covered completely with Scotch tape to help waterproof it, or duct tape and permanent marker

You can tape the info to the phone and the phone case as well to boost your chances of getting it back 6 Back Up Your Data Regularly You can always buy another phone, but all your photos and contacts might be priceless 7 Carry Insurance You carrier will usually offer cell phone insurance that covers the phone being damaged, lost or stolen

It is good peace of mind for only pennies per day To get a new phone, you would usually need to pay one flat rate, such as $50 8 Always Report the Theft to the Police You will need a copy of a police report for the insurance company if you are filing a claim It also shows them crime patterns of cell phone theft in the area, which they can then try to crack down on

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