How to Protect Your Cell Phone from Physical Damage Your cell phone is a big investment in terms of money, stored data, and access to information and apps Most of us would not survive without a cell phone these days, so it is important to not take it for granted and to think about the best ways to protect it from physical damage

Here are some suggestions 1 Use a Screen Protector Your display is the most important part of your phone, but it is also the most delicate Use a screen protector to prevent scratches, cracks, shattering and so on No matter what other accessories you would like to buy, put this at the top of your shopping list

2 Buy a Good Quality Shock-Proof Case A case is no guarantee the phone won�t get damaged if you drop it, but it certainly offers a lot more protection than a bare phone The rubber will also help you get a better grip on it 3 Watch Your Pockets and Purse Make sure the pocket or purse you put your phone in does not have loose change and keys that would cause scratching and other types of damage

Never sit on your phone either And don�t put the phone into the back pocket of your tight jeans, because it can bend or even snap 4 Keep Out of Reach of Children Little fingers can do a lot of damage Keep your phone up high out of reach

5 Beware of Bathrooms A lot of people take their cell phone to the toilet, with wet and even disgusting results Do not bathe or shower with the phone too close to the tub Watch out around the sinks too Always put the phone down before going to the bathroom

Wash your hands before and after you use the toilet, to try to keep everything as hygienic as possible Cell phones can get really dirty too 6 Beware of the Pool or Beach Buy a waterproof case to take to the beach or pool It will allow you to press the button to take photos but not let any water in if you drop it in the water by accident

7 Use a Wrist Strap If your cell phone has a hole for it, get a wrist strap Even the firmest grip can sometimes fail You can also let go of the phone if you suddenly need both hands, without having to worry that it will crash to the ground and break 8

Be Security Conscious This isn't strictly speaking physical damage, but worth mentioning anyway There are a growing number of hackers and cybercriminals who are more than happy to disrupt your phone, try to steal sensitive data, and so on Be vigilant about the links you click on and the apps you download Some of them might look great, but the free app can actually become a back door for criminals Get a subscription to Norton360 to help protect all of your devices

9 Buy Insurance You can usually buy insurance from your cell phone carrier to cover your phone in case of accident or loss The premium is usually only a few dollars a month It covers repairs, or replacement of the phone, for a low deductible 10

Learn How to Make Basic Repairs Learn about basic cell phone repair so that if the worst happens, in most cases you will be able to handle it yourself and not be without your phone for too long Do You Need to Insure Your Cell Phone? When it comes to cell phone insurance, some people turn up their nose at the very idea, while others adopt a "belt and braces" approach to be sure they are covered The skeptics might argue that it is nothing more than a money-spinner for the cell phone companies They doubt that the coverage is really worth anything But others value of the peace of mind, knowing they can avoid the high cost of repairs, and in the worst case, the cost of replacing the phone

Some cell phones these days are more expensive than computers, laptops and tablets If you view your phone as an asset and investment, therefore, an insurance policy would be a good option Who wants to fork out $800 every time they lose or break a phone, when your deductible on an insurance policy will usually run to about $50 to $75? Here are some considerations when it comes to deciding if insurance is right for you How Accident Prone and Careless Are You? If you crack your screen, drop your phone, or lose sight of it regularly, insurance can help protect you Some people opt for an extended warranty on their device, but most cell phone insurance is much more comprehensive and will allow for replacement of a lost phone for a small deductible

The only thing to keep in mind is how many claims you are permitted within one year Read the fine print Check the Cost Each Month If the insurance is lower than $5, that would be an additional $60 on your bill every year for your coverage If it is $10 or $12 per month, it might still be worth it, or you could apply that money to a new phone However, most phones cost more than $120 to $144 so it would still be a good deal due to the repair and replacement coverage

Be Sure You Know What Is Covered The policy should include theft and loss, and what are considered to be qualifying events Expect to file a police report if you are claiming for theft Also check the deductible for getting the replacement phone, which averages at around $50 to $100 If your phone is worth $800, insurance is a bargain Check the exclusion clauses, which may read something like "no more than two claims per year", and/or "no more than $1,500 in damages/loss/theft claims allowed"

Check the deductible for repairs, if any A Total Equipment Protection plan may sound great but has a high deductible, plus the delay in getting the phone back from a carrier-approved service person Note that some policies will actually let you upgrade for free to the latest model of your phone once your current device is 50% paid off, or when there is a new release if your phone has already been paid for This can be a real bargain if you are the type of person who loves the newest of everything Check Your Homeowners� or Renters� Insurance Many homeowners� insurance and renters� insurance plans cover smartphone devices in instances of loss or theft, and sometimes even damage

However, it may not be the best option for a few reasons The deductible might be higher than the value of the phone, and any claims you put on your policy might increase your premium costs Check Your Credit Card Check with your credit card company if you have paid for the phone by card to see if they offer an extended warranty on the device Third-Party Insurance Options You can take out a policy from a third-party insurer rather than your carrier, though this will mean a separate bill every month instead of the charges being rolled into your phone bill Compare costs and coverage, such as one or two years� worth, and what is included for each

Be sure to check the replacement deductible Protect Your Phone Finally, use a bit of common sense to protect your phone from damage, theft or loss A little vigilance can go a long way But you will always have the safety net of cell phone insurance should you need it

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