Battery Charging Do's and Don'ts Many people take their phone battery for granted But the truth is, you can get a longer life for your battery in terms of daily use and overall lifespan if you follow a few simple do�s and don�ts

* Don�t Leave Overnight Overcharging will shorten the life of the battery in the long run * Do Use a Quality Charger Avoid the temptation of cheap chargers, which can harm not just your battery but also your phone * Always Use Your Given USB Charger on Your Computer Don�t try to use other chargers you may have lying around * Never Try to Remove the Case while Charging Take it off before you start charging the phone, in order to allow for air circulation But don�t fidget with it once you have started the charge

* Charge the Phone Face Down on a Soft Cloth This will prevent overheating and protect the screen * Don�t Use Fast Chargers Too Often Fast charging is not healthy for your batteries Fast charging involves using a higher voltage to charge the battery quickly, but this will cause a very fast rise in temperature Charge regularly as needed * Do Check the Charging Temperature of Your Phone If it is hot to the touch, press the power button for a few seconds until the display switches off

Complete the charge if you can Allow your phone device to return to room temperature before powering it up again * Avoid Using Third-Party Battery Apps These are supposed to help you determine the life of your battery It irony is they can use up a lot of power as they run in the background * Don�t Download a Lot of Apps They eat up memory and battery power

* Don�t Leave Your Apps Open Shut down apps when not using them * Do Charge Up to at least 80% This should give you enough power, so you are not always charging the battery up to 100% * Don't Let It Run Down Don't let your battery run down below 50% on a regular basis Having said that, the battery capacity can be increased by allowing it to run down low and then charge up again around once a month * Don�t Recharge It Constantly Constant recharges shorten the lifespan of the battery

* Don�t Allow the Phone to Lose All Power This is also bad for the battery * Do Protect against Power Surges If you are plugging your recharger directly into the mains electricity, use a surge protector or similar device to protect against power spikes that could fry your battery * Don�t Use the Phone When It Is Charging This will increase the internal temperature of the phone and shorten battery life * Do Charge in a Cool, Dry Area This will prevent overheating, or any moisture from getting into the phone and playing havoc with its inner workings * Do Put in Airplane Mode This will prevent your battery from running down or overheating, while still giving you access to the basic functions of the phone immediately as compared with turning it off completely

* Do Get a Car Charger If you are using your phone as your GPS, make sure you have a charger with you Even short journeys can bring the battery down to zero, meaning you might have no help in finding your way home again These tips will help your battery last longer Cell Phone Cleaning Tips Your cell phone can turn out to be one of the most germ-laden things you own if you don�t clean it regularly However, cleaning can be tricky because you are doing it to a sophisticated piece of electronic equipment

Fortunately, there are many effective ways to kill the bacteria living on your phone and get rid of the accumulations of dirt and grime Here are some suggestions Getting Started Disconnect your phone from any charger, turn it off, remove the battery, and seal up any holes with masking tape to avoid liquid or moisture getting in Then try one or more of these ideas Cleaning Tips A soft, lint-free cloth or microfiber cloth These are the kind of cleaning cloths you would use to clean eyeglasses

It removes fingerprints, smudges and oily build-up Dampen a corner of the cloth and wipe up and down the entire length and width of the screen Then use a dry corner to wipe the screen free of moisture Never use towels, paper towels and so on, as they can scratch your screen Water and rubbing alcohol Apple does not recommend this, but a 50/50 solution on a cotton swab or cotton ball can get your phone clean and germ free

Lightly dampen the swab; clean off any moisture with a lint free cloth Distilled water and white vinegar Make a 50/50 solution and gently wipe your phone with a cloth, cotton swab or cotton ball Wipe dry with a cloth Don�t use antibacterial wipes, disinfectant, or hand sanitizer All of these items can be extremely abrasive They can also break down the coating on the phone which responds to your touch based on the oils in your fingers

Wash the case Give the case a good wash with hot, soapy water Allow to dry fully Some people run theirs through the dishwasher Scotch tape This can clean out the nooks and crannies where dirt and grime build up Place the tape on the phone and run your nail along the edge

The gunge should stick to the tape Peel off carefully and clean the phone with your alcohol solution Cell phone cleaning kit If you have the money, buy a cell phone cleaning kit It will usually come with a number of different cleaning solutions and a variety of cloths UV light cleaner For those looking for the cleanest phone, the PhoneSoap 3 will kill 99

9 percent of germs and actually charge your phone at the same time It uses ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light to kill bacteria in about ten minutes It will also clean anything that fits into the unit, such as keys, credit cards, coins, and so on At around $30 to $50, it�s the most expensive way to keep your phone relatively germ free, but those who worry about germs will find it the most useful method Use it to clean the case and accessories as well if they fit

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