BEST Galaxy S4 Loca UV glue glass repair video

BEST Galaxy S4 Loca UV glue glass repair video

Alright so this is the companion video to my Samsung Galaxy S4, just the glass, screen replacement video In this one I’m going to show you how to use the Loca glue to fix your phone in a more permanent way

I still like to use a little bit of the double sided tape to help keep the glue on top of the LCD instead of having it bleed into the Home button and the ear piece So now that I have the tape on there I’m going to go ahead and use some denatured alcohol to get rid of any finger prints and dust and excess glue that’s still on the screen And then here’s the Loca glue This is a UV activated optical adhesive For such a scientific name, it is pretty inexpensive and easy to use

The best way I can explain how to apply the glue is to mentally divide the phone into four separate parts The bottom segment will be the legs You’re going to gently squeeze the glue out into legs The middle two segments will be the body Just go straight up the phone

And then the top segment, the top fourth of the phone will be the arms spread out towards the corners And then you’re going to come back and just do a little line across the center This is more than enough glue You actually can get away with doing a little bit less than this The goal is to not have too much excess though

You don’t want the glue to flow into the ear piece and the home button If there are bubbles in your glue, now is the time to get it out You can just kind of poke it with your tweezers, dry them off, and then poke it again to pop any bubbles There’s no rush at this point because the glue’s not going to do anything until the UV light gets on it I’m going to go ahead and get rid of the plastic on my, on the glass

I’ll put a link for this in the video description below as well Make sure not to touch the back of the glass or else you’ll have some permanent fingerprints on your phone Make sure the Home button and the ribbon cable for the Menu button is intact And then I’m going to put my tweezers up at the top of the phone and then my hand down at the bottom and gently press down Make sure you’re ready to do this cuz once the screen touches the UV glue, you’re committed

Go as slow as possible The slower you go the less bubbles there will be As you can see here I kind of speed up towards the center and I’m going to get three massive bubbles right in the middle of my screen which is very unfortunate for me, but lucky for you guys because you get to see how to get bubbles out of your screen if it ever happens Now in the ideal situation there would be no bubbles here and all I would have to do is apply, you know, minor pressure to the center of the screen to get the glue to flow out to the edges This is normal and as soon as the glue would touch the edges, then I just plop the UV light on there which I’ll show you in a second, and the glue would harden in about a minute and you’d be good to go

But since there are some bubbles in the center I have two options One is to leave them, not a big deal; you can’t really see the bubbles when the screen is on anyway Or two, I can massage the bubbles out to the sides and get rid of them that way So as I press down on the screen, the bubbles kind of run away from my finger But you can also see on the sides of the phone that the UV glue is kind of leaking

Out of the sides of the phone is not that big of a deal You just want to make sure that the UV glue isn’t getting into the earpiece or the front facing camera slot because it will make all of your pictures blurry and foggy Remember that any glue that is not touched by the UV light will remain liquid So any of the glue that is underneath the black portion of the screen will still bleed out later on Anyway, now that I have the bubbles out of the phone I’m going to go ahead and start it with the UV light

I’m keeping a little bit of pressure on the screen just so that bubbles don’t start to seep in from the sides It’ll take about 20 or 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky enough that it’ll hold the screen in place Once it’s tacky enough I can set the light directly down on top of the phone and give it about another 2 or 3 minutes while the glue completely cures To get rid of the excess glue on the outside of the screen, I find that it’s easier to start with a dry paper towel instead of using the alcohol Once the glue is off with the dry paper towel, then you can use the alcohol after that

You can see that I have a little bit of glue seeping through the Home button here Once I get that glue just pressed out it’ll work just fine The glue does not affect how the phone works at all Here’s the UV light just kind of sealing up anything else that would have leaked through on the back And that’s it

Now you have a completely working phone The optical adhesive does turn out very well It’s just like new Thanks for watching If you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments

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